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              Hello, welcome to visit [Jiyuan yujin target material technology co., LTD] official website!    home |  contact us
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                Jiyuan yujin target material technology co., LTD is a professional company by producing the target material of rare metals.The products include silver sputtering target,silver wires for evaporation, plating silver plate, standard pieces of silver,which are sputtered or evaporated on the semiconductor,crystal oscillators,sensor,low-e glass.The company is a subsidiary of henan yuguang gold &lead co., LTD.Henan yuguang gold &lead co., LTD is a listed company(stock code:600351) ,whose products are heavy non-ferrous metals, precious metals.It is the largest production enterprise of electrolytic lead in asia and the largest production enterprise of silver in china. And it is named key enterprises in henan province and export key enterprises in henan province.
                Jiyuan yujin target material technology co., LTD focus on the processing of the precious metals. All raw materials used for "豫光"band silver, gold, indium, zinc and copper.
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